Know the Influencers and Make them your Allies

Every industry has influencers and opinion leaders and a successful social media campaign must make deliberate efforts to identify them. Because of the respect and following that influencers have, getting them on your side will not increase the visibility of your brand but could get you the respect you need in a much shorter time than you could hope to do on your own.

Monitor the activities of the competition
It is possible that one of the reasons that made you decide to get active on social media was to get ahead of the competition. It is also possible that your competitors are also carrying out a host of activities to make sure that they stay ahead of you. An effective strategy must therefore take into account the activities being carried out by the competition – with this knowledge you’ll be in a better position to know how to react. You should therefore find out what the competition could be doing better than you.

Know where your potential customers are and go there
There are very many social media platforms and each has people fitting certain characteristics patronizing it. How, for instance, do you choose between Twitter and Facebook? If your target audience consists of millenials you are more likely to find them on Twitter rather than Facebook just as you are likely to find young professionals on Pinterest. By doing your homework, you’ll locate your target audience quickly.…

Tips on Developing an Effective Social Media Strategy

Every successful modern business needs to have an active presence on social media. While some business owners have succeeded in using the power of social media to market their businesses, some have failed to fully exploit this very important channel. Without a strategy in place, it is possible to be present on social media and yet fail to achieve anything. What steps should a business take to make sure that its presence on social media is meaningful?

Try to build a relationship before attempting to sell
One of the greatest mistakes that some business owners make is to assume that they’ll use Facebook and Twitter to instantly start selling their products or services. Social media is basically about building long term relationships. The people you meet on these sites will offer priceless insights that can help you build your business. You can only hope to sell to such people after they have identified with your brand. On these channels, customer needs and opinions are paramount and it is those needs you must strive to satisfy first.…

What a company could do to retain customers

Having understood the importance of retaining old customers, a company should develop strategies to make this possible. Today, it has become easier to understand customer needs and buying trends and it is therefore easy to develop a retention strategy. Social media provides a great avenue for brands to interact with customers, know their needs and therefore address their problems. Moreover, by maintaining a database of your customers, you’ll know their buying trends and you are therefore in a great position to make fully personalized offers.  When you personalize your offerings, you make the customers realize that they are truly important to your business and you’ll be creating a group of loyal followers and, through their word of mouth, an even bigger group of customers who have know about your business from your fans.…

Why It’s Important to Develop a customer retention Program

While every business owner understands the value of an established customer, few make deliberate efforts to retain such customers. In fact, most companies will spend vast amounts of money trying to acquire new customers without paying attention to existing customers. The business owners who fail to take care of existing customers normally assume that they have already captured the old customer and do not therefore need to spend time and money cultivating loyalty. This, however, is actually wrong. The old customer needs more attention than a new one and every company should have a customer retention plan in place.

Why old customers are critical for any business
Most businesses depend on their old customers. A company that has a group of repeat customers will be miles ahead of one that depends on new ones. Losing an old customer could therefore be unbearable for your business.

For starters, the cost of acquiring a new customer is many times higher than the cost of retaining an old one. Secondly, a first-time customer is most likely to only make a trial purchase – since he or she has not experienced your products or services before, the amount the customer spends will be limited. If the customer then gets a great experience, he or she will come back and make an even bigger purchase.

Research has also shown that close to 90% of customers never come back if their first experience is unsatisfactory. Not only do such customers give your business a wide berth, they are also likely to share their horrible experiences with friends and this will also make you lose many more potential customers.…

Small Business Survival

Will your Small business make it on the long haul?

Some practical tips and business starters for Small and Medium Enterprises.
So you might have the perfect business in mind. Something fresh, something new, and something that no one has ever imagined before. And you have firmly believed in yourself that this business will really be an astounding success. Before running your business out in the open, you can try to revisit this checklist to make sure that your business’ success would make it in the long run.
Start with a Business Plan
As with everything else in life, everything starts with a plan and a guide. A Business Plan serves as a blueprint for your business. Every aspect of your business needs to be carefully planned and executed. You will need to define your business’ goals, how much money you’re going to invest, the long and short term marketing plan, and every little nitty gritty details of your business that needs to be outlined.
Find a good advisor
It may sound cliché but every successful undertaking only comes with the help of equally competent and successful business owners. Some business associations such as SCORE which helps small businesses owners in growing their businesses through some helpful advice help you find some helpful resources.. By all means, ask and learn everything you can through their online forums and resources.
Get sufficient funds in the bank
If you’re a wise business owner, you would know why it is not practical to quit your day time job. It would be a smart move to set up a savings account if you are serious about doing a full time freelance gig. The money that you have set aside should be enough to cover at least six months’ worth of bills. In this way, you’ll be able to buffer your budget.


Gain competitiveness.
Your business needs to be competitive in order to rise above the market. How do we go about this? A thorough and in-depth competitive analysis must be conducted. And that includes the analysis of the products, marketing, promotion, service and distribution as well. An analysis helps you gain competitiveness in the market by giving you an awareness of the outside influences that will most likely have an impact to your business.
The best way that a business can achieve growth and continuous success is by word of mouth. So if you have happy and satisfied customers, it’s best to ask for their referrals or simply ask them to refer your business to everyone they know. You’ll be surprised at how quick building and establishing your brand will be.
Through careful and advanced planning, coupled with competent advice and the thirst for success, a small and medium enterprise can rise high and join the ranks of many successful businesses. The internet world has to offer, especially if your business has already employed powerful techniques like Search Engine Optimization. The possibilities and reach that you can grasp are truly limitless.…

SEO Across the United States

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ImportantFacts about Business Marketing One Needs To Know

Business marketing is a strategy that is used in the process of marketing by individuals of a particular business or a group of individuals involved in business. It can be adopted by commercial organizations, government bodies, and private institutes as well. This strategy helps them grow their business and get their products sold to the customers and get support for the work. At times, business marketing is termed as trade marketing that allows the process of involving the government too.


The markets and the goals of business market:

The markets in case of business markets have a demand that comes from the side of the consumers. The demands here are rooted to the customers and due to this, it makes its business. As an illustration, it can be marked that the government of a country goes for a process to buy hydroelectric energy from other countries. This situation erupts because of the needs of the consumers. This makes a point clear that a business market can never emerge isolated.

Business marketing strategies:

  • The product and services:

The product being an important aspect in the business marketing plays a vital role in the process too. The product or the service being offered is what the organization would be answerable with. So it needs to appealing and interesting as well.

  • Target audience:

The target audience is who the company caters to. The products and services are to review by the target audience, and hence they play a vital role in the business marketing process.

  • Price

It is the factor that somehow runs the business. The price of the product and services are what the customers will spend to own them. So proper pricing is an important step to be taken while the process of business marketing is done.

  • Selling and distributing the products:

It is important to choose the best method to sell the products. The methods of selling decide the success of the products.  As an example, if a product made for the rural population is made to be sold via the internet, it would suffer a huge loss. The target audience won’t be able to find it in the first place. So it is important to decide the best way of channeling the products to the consumers.

  • Proper process of campaigning:

It is important to make sure that the product is brought to the attention of the consumers with the help of communication in an apt manner. Sometimes consumers fail to understand the motto behind the product and hence it doesn’t reach out to the audience wisely.

  • Position:

A business marketing process always involves the step of checking the stand of the house against the competitors. A survey research about the position of the competing brands is needed to be done so that it would assure of the steps to be taken and amendments to be done.

Steps to business marketing:

In the current scenario, there are many methods that can be chosen to promote the business. Some of the basic and common methods are as follows.

  • Trading events:

They play an important role in making a business visible because the footfall in the event makes it all to prove the visibility in the event.

  • Electronic and broadcast media:

Today, the internet is the web that connects almost all the literate population, and hence it plays a major role in business marketing.

  • Advertisements:

They are sources of all the popularity of the products and hence behind the success and visibility of any products and service, it is advertisements that make it popular.