Know the Influencers and Make them your Allies

Every industry has influencers and opinion leaders and a successful social media campaign must make deliberate efforts to identify them. Because of the respect and following that influencers have, getting them on your side will not increase the visibility of your brand but could get you the respect you need in a much shorter time than you could hope to do on your own.

Monitor the activities of the competition
It is possible that one of the reasons that made you decide to get active on social media was to get ahead of the competition. It is also possible that your competitors are also carrying out a host of activities to make sure that they stay ahead of you. An effective strategy must therefore take into account the activities being carried out by the competition – with this knowledge you’ll be in a better position to know how to react. You should therefore find out what the competition could be doing better than you.

Know where your potential customers are and go there
There are very many social media platforms and each has people fitting certain characteristics patronizing it. How, for instance, do you choose between Twitter and Facebook? If your target audience consists of millenials you are more likely to find them on Twitter rather than Facebook just as you are likely to find young professionals on Pinterest. By doing your homework, you’ll locate your target audience quickly.

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