Small Business Survival

Will your Small business make it on the long haul?

Some practical tips and business starters for Small and Medium Enterprises.
So you might have the perfect business in mind. Something fresh, something new, and something that no one has ever imagined before. And you have firmly believed in yourself that this business will really be an astounding success. Before running your business out in the open, you can try to revisit this checklist to make sure that your business’ success would make it in the long run.
Start with a Business Plan
As with everything else in life, everything starts with a plan and a guide. A Business Plan serves as a blueprint for your business. Every aspect of your business needs to be carefully planned and executed. You will need to define your business’ goals, how much money you’re going to invest, the long and short term marketing plan, and every little nitty gritty details of your business that needs to be outlined.
Find a good advisor
It may sound cliché but every successful undertaking only comes with the help of equally competent and successful business owners. Some business associations such as SCORE which helps small businesses owners in growing their businesses through some helpful advice help you find some helpful resources.. By all means, ask and learn everything you can through their online forums and resources.
Get sufficient funds in the bank
If you’re a wise business owner, you would know why it is not practical to quit your day time job. It would be a smart move to set up a savings account if you are serious about doing a full time freelance gig. The money that you have set aside should be enough to cover at least six months’ worth of bills. In this way, you’ll be able to buffer your budget.


Gain competitiveness.
Your business needs to be competitive in order to rise above the market. How do we go about this? A thorough and in-depth competitive analysis must be conducted. And that includes the analysis of the products, marketing, promotion, service and distribution as well. An analysis helps you gain competitiveness in the market by giving you an awareness of the outside influences that will most likely have an impact to your business.
The best way that a business can achieve growth and continuous success is by word of mouth. So if you have happy and satisfied customers, it’s best to ask for their referrals or simply ask them to refer your business to everyone they know. You’ll be surprised at how quick building and establishing your brand will be.
Through careful and advanced planning, coupled with competent advice and the thirst for success, a small and medium enterprise can rise high and join the ranks of many successful businesses. The internet world has to offer, especially if your business has already employed powerful techniques like Search Engine Optimization. The possibilities and reach that you can grasp are truly limitless.

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