Tips on Developing an Effective Social Media Strategy

Every successful modern business needs to have an active presence on social media. While some business owners have succeeded in using the power of social media to market their businesses, some have failed to fully exploit this very important channel. Without a strategy in place, it is possible to be present on social media and yet fail to achieve anything. What steps should a business take to make sure that its presence on social media is meaningful?

Try to build a relationship before attempting to sell
One of the greatest mistakes that some business owners make is to assume that they’ll use Facebook and Twitter to instantly start selling their products or services. Social media is basically about building long term relationships. The people you meet on these sites will offer priceless insights that can help you build your business. You can only hope to sell to such people after they have identified with your brand. On these channels, customer needs and opinions are paramount and it is those needs you must strive to satisfy first.

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